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Lucy Bucknall New Zealand Contemporary Sculptor and Painter

Lucy Bucknall graduated with a BA (Hons) degree from Bath Academy of Art, UK (1987) and settled in New Zealand in 1998. Her work has appeared in solo exhibitions and collective shows such as Sculpture on the Gulf Waiheke Island and Sculpture On the Shore Auckland. In 2009 she won The Peoples Choice Award for a Meer cats piece entitled "Special forces on patrol". Lucy was selected as a finalist for the Small Sculpture Prize exhibition at Waiheke Island Gallery in 2013. Bucknall also won The McConnell Family Supreme Award for Big Man at Sculpture in the Gardens 2011/12 and has work displayed at Brick Bay Vineyard Matakana and Auckland Botanical Gardens. The Big man sculpture (life size bronze one-off) is now on permanent public display outside Lower Hutt City Hospital.

Lucy’s bronze sculptures are done in either Phosphor bronze or cast using the lost wax method. With the Phospher bronze technique Lucy welds strips of Bronze together to create unique one-off pieces. Her subject matter is always global and political but fervently empathetic in it's creation and intent.

Lucy Bucknall nz bronze sculptor, Link, cat
"Link" Phospher Bronze 1/1 Size: 80cm tall by 90cm in length Price: $15,000.00 Now $10,000 ENQUIRE NOW
'Sky Gazers' 8 Gophers and 1 Cat Marble Dust mixed with white cement and silica sand, Vermiculite, Gold and Silver leaf, paver
Size: Paver is 60cm sq and each sculpture is approximately 33cm tall Price: $5500 ENQUIRE NOW

Lucy Bucknall nz bronze sculptures, monkeys hanging around   Lucy Bucknall nz bronze sculptures, polar bear
"Monkeys Hanging Around" Marquette Bronze 5/50
Size: 8cm tall by 10cm in length by 7cm width
Price: $1600 ENQUIRE NOW

"Travelling Bear" Marquette Bronze 10/20
Size: 12cm tall Price: $2100 ENQUIRE NOW Sold

"Travelling Bear" is a marquette for a larger piece yet to be made, highlighting the impact of climate change on the lives of the polar bear and their shrinking arctic homeland.

Lucy Bucknall nz bronze sculptor, monkey with iphone
Lucy Bucknall nz bronze sculptor, confused monkey
"Monkey with iphone" Phospher Bronze 1/1
Size: 70cm tall by 50cm in length by 34cm width
Price: $9800 Now $7800 ENQUIRE NOW

This work represents a commentary on current 'social' interaction.
It is a one-off sculpture fashioned from phosphor bronze.

"Confused Monkey " Phospher Bronze 1/1
Size: 46cm tall by 20cm in depth by 30cm width
Price: $9800 ENQUIRE NOW

The work was originally part of a group called ‘Hanging Around’ a small group of monkey all hanging around looking at our new technology - some reading the news on the ipad, some looking at others gaming , with the ‘ gaming birds’ as actual bronzes in the tress above watching it all some listening to music on an i-pod - this one was the one that was confused by
it all - head in hands - trying to understand we all know this feeling when its hard to fathom the technology. Its also hard to fathom how all pervasive these devices have become and how addictive they can be .
It's a sign of our times and the sculpture is a reflection of this. Sold

Lucy Bucknall, NZ bronze sculptor, Protester Group
"Protester Group" Bronze Edition 1/15
Size: 5 piece, tallest is 21cm tall Price: $3700 ENQUIRE NOW


"Little Big Man" Bronze Edition Marquette of Big Man 12/50 Size: 35cm tall Price: $3400 ENQUIRE NOW Sold

The predicament of the planet being at the forefront of this work, the polar bear verging on the edge of extinction. The ‘hoodie’ being symbolic of many things - strength, belonging, fear, the connotations of ‘hiding the face’ and how that is ‘received’ or interpreted by the onlooker, of being anonymous, of being part of a group.. like a pair of blue jeans, a ubiquitous feature of our modern world.. and here gloriously ‘super pacific’ size.. striking an imposing presence, needing to be quietly seen, certainly not by- passed.

Lucy Bucknall nz bronze artist

"Still Howling - Wolf and Pup" Phosphor Bronze and Enamel Edition Phospher Bronze 1/1 Lifesize
Price: $30,000.00 ENQUIRE NOW Sold

In the US the new republican presidency gives the green light to start hunting ‘without restraint’ wolves and their pups and hibernating animals in Alaskan wildlife ‘refuges’ - meanwhile - Yellowstone National Park is thriving - the trophic cascade, started 5 yrs ago with the reintroduction of wolves, created a complete turnaround of the ailing eco system - essentially controlling the deer- so allowing vegitation and more diverse wildlife to thrive even changing the course of the rivers - a happy outcome to counter the aggression of the pro gun lobby groups. It seems at the moment our world is caught between the appalling and the hopeful to the events around the world - we comment - we protest, we lament. Canines howl to signal, to warn, to claim, to join together - The political climate is in turmoil, climate change is catching up with us, people are struggling to survive the ravages of war, millions are displaced - humans and animals alike, the rise of fascism - we need to resist and come together to counter this - We are all howling together.

Lucy Bucknall nz bronze sculptor, speedboat dogs

"Speedboat Dogs" Bronze (4/10) Sold (2/10) Size: 35cm x 11cm x 18cm Price: $3000 ENQUIRE NOW Sold

This work is a modified bronze version of one of the vessels I did for a large collaborative work with Scottish artist Andy McVicar. Most of the vessels were welded bronze along-side fibreglass/resin and the figures resin/slate dust. The characters were a mix of my sculpture and Andy's. This particular piece was inspired by watching the stylish speedboats in Venice and the glamour of the different movies' use of the vessel and the headscarves - think 'Some like it hot' or some of the Bond films. But this time it is important to wear a life jacket! I chose the golden labrador type dog probably beacuse of Grommit of Wallace and Grommit fame (a comic favourite of mine although I did not realise it at the time of making them).

Lucy Bucknall nz bronze sculptor

"Cat Kayakers" Bronze Price: $3900 ENQUIRE NOW

lucy bucknall nz sculptor, bronze, metal
"Old Guys" Phosphor Bronze Edition 1/1 Size: 30cm height x 36cm length Price: $9000 Sold

These pieces are modelled on the South American marsupial called an 'Agouti'. The body posture of them reminded Lucy of two old men meeting in the street. So Lucy decided to recreate that scene and also reference her tutor who taught her welding and blacksmithing with the inclusion of the Trilby hat and walking sticks.
lucy bucknall nz sculptor
"The Learning" Cast Bronze Edition Marquette 17/76 Size: 15cm tall Price: $2600 ENQUIRE NOW

This is a child and parent baboon reading a book. The book could simply be a book or it could be the Koran or the Bible. This is a marquette of a larger full-scale piece that was displayed and sold at the bi-annual Auckland Botannical Gardens sculpture show.
The work has morphed since it's initial conception. The sudden death a couple of months ago of David, Lucy's father aged 76, has influenced the 'story' of this piece. Where once there was suspicion and undertones of indoctrination there has now been a shift towards love, reflected mainly in the youngster's hand reaching out to touch the parents arm, whereas before both little arms were tucked inward.... so the connection between adult and child is now very different.

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art by the sea facebook page
The Promenade, 162 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand
Ph: +64 9 4456665 Cell: +64 021 577078