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The Promenade, 162 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand
Ph: +64 9 4456665 Cell: +64 021 577078

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Brendan Adams
nz contemporary ceramics

Jamie Adamson
Steam Bent

jamie adamson nz steam bent wooden sculptures  Rene Baxalle
fine art wood

rene baxalle nz woodturning
 Merle Bishop
NZ Pastel and Etchings
merle bishop nz pastel artist Andrew Bond
surrealist painting
Andrew Bond surrealist painter

Jonathan Bourla

zone fine art photography
Sheila Brown
abstract painting, birds in flight
nz artist sheila brown, birds, landscapes, painting Lucy Bucknall
lucy bcknall phosphor bronze art Robert Campion
nz surrealist art
Robert Campion nz surrealist artist
Beatrice Carlson
new media, photography
beatrice carlson photography Corrugated iron
sculptures and animals
corrugated iron and steel animals Lindsay Crooks
lindsay crooks nz painter
Mark Dimock
steel, copper, brass
wall art
Mark Dimock nz steel, copper, brass wall art Lee-Ann Dixon
Oil painting on
Silver plate
Lee Ann Dixon nz oil artist, silver plate  Graham Downs
graham downs nz landscape fine art
 Dulcie Draper
teapots and bottles
dulcie draper nz pottery

Michelle Durrant
Fine art Landscape

Michelle Durrant nz fine art photography, landscapes, Mt Cook Nick Duval-Smith
bronze sculpture
Nick Duval-Smith nz bronze artist, family tree
  Rosemary Eagles
abstract painting
Rosemary Eagles nz abstract landscape art  Kellie Edwards
pastels, portraits
kellie edwards nz pastel artist, portraits New Zealand emerging artists          new zealand emerging artists
    Zoe Feng
delicate flower and still life paintings
Zoe Feng nz flower and still life artist Carl Foster
NZ abstract cubist style paintings
carl foster nz abstract cubist art Heather Grouden
Bronze figure
heather grouden nz bronze head sculpture

Dave Gunson
NZ Fine art

Dave Gunson nz fine art, watercolors  Holly Haines
Emerging Artist
Holly Haines nz emerging artist  Bill Hayes
Bronze, Ceramic
and vessels
Bill Hayes nz ceramic vessels
Luke Hollis
fine and
portrait painting
Luke Hollis nz portrait artist and fine art studies Paul Hooker
fine and
portrait painting
paul hooker portrait painter   David Jones
New Zealand portrait commission artist
david jones nz portrait commission artist
Jules Kesby
realist wildlife
Jules Kesby African wildlife artist Joe Kemp
Maori carving
masks, pou, totems
joe kemp carved maori masks  Anna Korver
fine marble
and wood
anna korver fine art marble sculptor nz

Samantha Lane
detailed illustrator, birds, insects

sam lane illustrator Peter Latham
fine art photography,
New Zealand landscapes
Peter Latham NZ fine art photography    Derek March
dark moody New
Zealand landscapes
derek march dark nz landscape paintings
      Sarah McBeath
beautiful New Zealand landscapes

sarah mcbeath nz landscape artist   Bronwyn Menhinick
Charcoal and pencil drawings, paintings
Bronwyn Menheinnick emerging artwork Steve Molloy
New Zealand
steel sculptor     
Steve Molloy nz steel sculptor
  Christian Nicolson contemporary art, painting. expressive landscapes, beach scenes Christian Nicolson nz contemporary art  Kirsty Nixon contemporary New Zealand landscapes,
coastal native bush
kirsty nixon nz landscape painting Tallulah Nunez
New Zealand
illustrative art
Tallulah Nunez nz art
Brenda Nyhof colourful naive artwork brenda nyhof nz colourful abstract art   Matt Payne
NZ Beach Scenes
Matt Payne landscape art  Rosemary Parcell
oil painting, horses,
rosemary parcell nz equestrian paintings

Caroline Peacocke
fine art etchings
and printmaking

Caroline Peacocke nz fine art print, huia feather Michel Perrin
NZ fine art photography
Michel Perrin nz fine art photography
 Craig Platt
craig platt nz bird paintings  Dean Raybould
3d surrealist
painting, mixed media
Dean Raybould nz abstract art   Carol Readman
abstract contemporary watercolour art
carol readman nz contemporary abstract landscape watercolour art
 Chrissy and
Charlie Seakins
NZ ceramic dinnerware
seakins nz ceramic dinnerware  Jenny Smith
NZ Cast Glass,
silk road series
jenny smith nz silk road series cast glass colorful Mary Taylor
Limited Edtion
nz art antique prints
  Jayne Thomas
figurative painting,
ballet dancers    
jayne thomas nz figurative artist, painting   Nicky Thompson
Fine art, lace and native birds painting
Nicola Thompson nz art, Routeburn

Jo Tricker
fused woven glass art

Jo Tricker woven fused glass art
Ngahiwi Walker
NZ Maori wood
carving and artworks
Ngahwiw walker maori carved wooden totem poles, pou  Zeke Wolf
fine colourful ceramic bowls
zek wolf nz cramic plates  Nigel Wilson NZ landscape artist NZ affordable artwork, remarkables, special prices


art by the sea facebook page
The Promenade, 162 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand
Ph: +64 9 4456665 Cell: +64 021 577078