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Kirsty Nixon
New Zealand Contemporary Landscape artist

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This is a special invitation only fundraising exhibition for a charity close to Kirsty's heart. The organisation is called The Key to Life and you can find out more about it here.
15% of every work sold during this period will be donated to the charity.
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kirsty nixon nz landscape artist, beach scenes, nikau trees  

For over 20 years Kirsty has been a successful New Zealand artist capturing the intensity of colour and light of New Zealand landscapes and coastal scenes. Her exhibitions consistently sell well and her growth in popularity is
a testament to the timeless quality and detail of her landscape scenes.
Her appeal and recognition as one of New Zealand's foremost landscape artists has been celebrated in national art publications such as
Art News and international publications such as Asian Art News.
She also features in the New Zealand Favourite Artists book edited by
Denis Robinson 2010 edition. Her range and experience in different techniques such as watercolour, etching and acrylic on canvas is
further proof of her popularity amongst collectors. Kirsty's best loved landscapes include her compositions of vibrant red flax and
Pohutukawa flowers, rolling green hills, clear blue skys and seas
and yellow sandy beaches.
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Kirsty Nixon nz landscape artist, Coromandel
Late Afternoon Coromandel Acrylic on Board
Size 100cm x 65cm $3950 (Special limited time offer $2950)
When travelling to the East coast beaches you take the winding, slim road tucked into the hills around the Thames coast. Cute little vintage homes nestle into the hills on your right. Their view of the Firth of Thames mere metres away just across the one lane road. Pohutukawa hang on to craggy rockfaces. Before you hit Coromandel township you find yourself climbing the hills scattered with Nikau, sheep and the odd peek of the sea below. Once at the top, the tour buses alert you to the place to stop and gasp at the vista below.
One year I was commissioned to paint one of the farms on this coastline. Our daughter was nealy 2 and my son was 4 months in my tummy. On the back of a quad bike I was treated to a first hand view of some of the most beautiful coastline I have ever seen. Every rounding of a hill, a new scene ripe for painting. The previous day had been stormy and the day after was a cyclone, but for some reason we chose a day with clear blue skies. Starting early meant the hills were on show with their dips, valleys and shadows creating great atmosphere. They are a joy to paint and I have used these hills and this coastline many times in my paintings.
kirsty nixon nz landscape artist, acrylic on canvas paintings, bright colorful
Opito Bay Islands Acrylic on Canvas
Size 152cm x 76cm $5800 (Special limited time offer $4950)

Friends have a private campground at Kuaotunu. Although I am not officially a "camper” hosts Ron and Nicola used to set up the tent we were staying in with a light and have the beds all pumped before we arrived. There was always a table and something to plug the hairdryer in which I always thought I would use but never did. He would have the gin on ice before we even unpacked the car. We would spend the days playing. The kids would go eeling at night and the brassier was lit. Swimming during the day and dancing around the fire with marshmallows at night. Opito Bay is one of the beaches we would visit on an afternoon explore. 5 mins south over the Blackjack Road and a somewhat unknown treasure. I was often surprised at how few people were ever on the beach.
Long golden sand and spectacularly clear blue water. The view from the hill looking down to the beach through the Pohutukawas is breathtaking. It is one of those places where you thank God
you were born somewhere so beautiful.


kirsty nixon nz landscape artist, colourful flax paintings, Matauri Bay
Along from Matauri Bay Acrylic on Canvas
Size 120cm x 90cm $5500 (Special limited time offer $4850)

Mum and I took the kids on a trip up north staying in a motel in Kerikeri. The kids were so excited as the motel had a pool and spa and were quite happy just hanging out, however the point of the trip was gathering images to paint and have fun. We would embark on leisurely drives around the coast stopping to eat buns and drink cordials from the chilly bin. It’s difficult to be the driver navigating this coast as there are so many places to stop and photogragh. The drive over the hill down into Matauri Bay takes you by surprise. Tents, caravans and ramshackle huts made from corrugated iron stretched the length of the beach. Right on the beach edge looking out to sea they were quite
striking against the picture perfect beach. Behind them bare land. Acres of it and yet here they were all squashed in a single line at the edge of the sand. It may be developed now but I have a vivid memory of these cool little makeshift temporary homes. We took a little walk through a pathway to the next beach. This is the view looking back towards the Matauri Bay headland on which the Rainbow Warrior memorial sits.


kirsty nixon nz landscape artist and painter
Coromandel Islands 2 Acrylic on Canvas
Size 90cm x 30cm $1850 (Special limited time offer $1650)

Coromandel has a special connection for me. When I was young we used to stay in places my dad's company owned. We could rent these places and would stay about 5 days. Dad would fish at sunset and we would join him and watch the sun go down as we played on the beach waiting and hoping dad would catch something. We would find sandy hills to roll down and have sand all through our clothes as we would discover when we shed our clothes for a shower once it got dark.
Coromandel always makes me remember Dad.


Kirsty Nixon nz landscape artist, Waiatarua

Waiatarua Acrylic on Canvas
Size 120cm x 90cm $5500 (Special limited time offer $4850)

Waiatarua is a reserve close to where we live. It’s a wetland reserve full of pukekos, ducks, swans, diving tuis and off-leash dogs. Some mornings I arrive with the sun struggling through a low misty cloud and it has a quiet mysterious air about it. Or the days where the sun is bearing down on us as we throw the stick into the dog pond for the 50th time. I think a lot when I’m walking the dog and get inspiration when I’m able to just walk without distraction. I’ve never understood how people can walk with headphones. Why would you not want to hear the sound of a tui calling a mate.


Kirsty Nixon nz landscape artist
Cutter Rock Whatipu Acrylic on Canvas
Size 169cm x 70cm $4900 (Special limited time offer $3950)

West coast beaches. Those great days when you snuggle up with jumpers and scarves and raincoats. The cabbage tree leaves slap against each other in the cool wind. Hands in pockets you clamber over sand dunes and through the long beach grass towards the enormous west coast waves. Salt water misty and brisk, you brace against the wind and watch the cool air meet the hot air of your breath. The dog has no fear of the icy water and chases the ball eagerly wherever it’s thrown, smiling her big toothy full mouthed bally grin as she runs towards you brimming with happy excitement.


kirsty nixon nz fine art landscapes
Piha Walk Acrylic on Board
Size 110 diameter $4950 (Special limited time offer $4150)

Piha. An intimidating but spectacular beach. I’ve only swum there once, wary of the undertow but I am still drawn to the thrill of the heavy waves, to the wild nature of this beach and it’s neighbours.
We regularly travel out to Piha for walks on the beach with the dog or meandering up to the waterfall past all the tourists. We once bushwacked up the stream to the top of the waterfall. Though we finished wet and chilly I remember stopping and calling out to the others to just stop for a minute and look up “How beautiful is this?” I said. The sun was catching the nikaus and filtering through the trees turning everything a vivid yellow green. It was close to perfection.


irsty nixon nz landscape artist
East Coast Acrylic on Canvas
Size 90cm x 30cm $1850 (Special limited time offer $1650)

East coast hills have that summertime burnt yellow orange hue. Hazey and warm. They seem to
cry out for a long wet warm rain. Sheep nestle to find somewhere cool in the shade of the farm
trees oblivious to the dollar worthy views of their paddock. New Zealanders take these sheep
laden views for granted, leaving home to experience the grey concrete jungles abroad only
returning home when they feel the pull of the clean sharp air of home.

kirsty nixon nz landscape artist
Hills Weekend Acrylic on Canvas
Size 90cm x 70cm $3200 (Special limited time offer $2750)

I’m very close to my brother. We once did the Abel Tasman walk together, a must do for every Kiwi. We did a tiki tour around the top of the south island, drove out to Akaroa and explored that little
piece of french country in NZ. The hills out that way have their own distinctive look. The colour is quite constant. When we visited they were a warm burnt yellow/orange and seemed to go on forever. On that trip my brother passed the time telling me how a car engine worked. We have a way of firing off each other and often end up laughing ‘til we cry.


Kirsty Nixon nz landscape artist, Hauraki
Hauraki Gulf Acrylic on Canvas
Size 75cm x 75cm $3200 (Special limited time offer $2650)

Who wouldn’t want to live here I often whisper to myself as I walk the dog on the beach after the kids have set off for school. Photos never do it justice. Billie our dog can chase a ball into the ocean 100 times over and never tire of it. She flys in to the water winter or summer as I make friends and chat with the other dog owners on the shore. I rarely remember the owners names and usually refer to them as Lizzies mum and Indies dad.


Kirsty Nixon nz landscape artist, rhododenren painting
Rhododendron Fiesta Acrylic on Canvas
Size 120cm x 120cm $5800 (Special limited time offer $4950)

Keen to see what all the fuss was about Raglan, I took the kids and mum on a day trip. Mid winter, not a bikini in sight and a strangely set up little town. I’m not sure what I was expecting but a view
of the beach from the main centre was probably something I had anticipated. Our little silver wagon meandered around the hub trying to find the main beach and ended up on a long winding country road with spectacular views out to sea. Late afternoon sun caught clifftop hills. Lonely horses
grazed, oblivious to the grand endless ocean crashing below them. A mountain seemed to hover over the ocean southward. Mount Taranaki, with it’s snowy coat hanging low was visible from 100’s of kilometers away, such was the fresh clear cloudless sky. That day we planned our trip to
Taranaki. That trip would be one of the most memorable ever with my kids and Mum. Hankering
for a new subject to paint we happened across the season for rhodendron flowers. Pukekura Park was on show with hundreds of species in full bloom. Garish pinks, scarlets and sunny yellows offset against ancient enormous trees and frilly ferns. New Plymouth has come a long way in 30 years.
Cool shops, the boardwalk, art and sculpture; but to have a strong link to the past with such an established domain is something special.


Kirsty Nixon nz bush artist, acrylic painting
Gone Bush Acrylic on Board
Size 110cm diameter $4950 (Special limited time offer $3850)

I am grateful to live close to parks, bush walks, wild western beaches and peachful eastern coastlines. I often walked with mum. We both found the bush peaceful. She and dad had the most amazing quarter acre section which she laboured in for love. We were surrounded by townhouses which meant we had 18 neighbours but we felt like we lived in the middle of a park. Dad would always grizzle about using the mulcher when mum needed a hand when trimming the trees but he always got out there in his gardening gloves and pushed the branches through; stopping every now and again for tea, biscuits and toasted sandwiches.
That may be why I always have a sense of calm when close to nature. I find I can breathe out easily, my shoulders relax and things that bother me find their place in the grander scheme of things.


kirsty nixon nz landscape artist, rangitoto harbour view
Harbour View Acrylic on Board
Size 60cm diameter $1900 (Special limited time offer $1650)

Most years on my birthday we grab a picnic or pizza, bottles of bubbles, the cricket set or a kite and watch the sun go down over the city and the colours soften around Rangitoto. I’ve always been a
bit funny about painting Rangitoto and I often think it’s been done to death but it is the one thing
that makes the Aucklander think of home and my paintings of Rangitoto now have homes all
over the world.


Kirsty Nixon matapouri painting
Looking North Matapouri Acrylic on Canvas
Size 90cm x 60cm $2200 (Special limited time offer $1950) ENQUIRE NOW

One summer New Year my boyfriend (now husband) and I joined friends up north to see in the new year. We stayed with a very close old friend and were invited to watch the clock tick over at one of her fathers mates homes. It had a spectacular view and looked down into a rugged coast with deep green blue water. We watched the fishing boats motor home from our perch on the hill and sailing boats find their berth for the night. We arrived to discover the main refreshment was the obligatory bubbly, which is fine if you are chatting and admiring the view. My boyfriend however took on the mantle of childrens entertainer and played cricket game after cricket game with the kids. Early into the evening he realised he hadn’t managed his fluid intake as he should have and was a little
‘under the weather’. That night he said he loved me and wanted to marry me and then fell face forward into a bush. I remember it fondly because of the sincerity he said it with and always felt he was showing his true colours with no inhibition. The following morning we were all celebrating the 1st day of January with foggy heads, but on the way back to Auckland we stopped at one of the northland beaches for a swim... something in the water that day revived us all. The headaches were gone, we felt awake, alive and ready to take on the world. And whether he remembered it or not someone had said he loved me.


Kirsty Nixon nz landscape artist, Tawharanui
Summer Tawharanui Acrylic on Linen
Size 123cm x 71cm $5500 (Special limited time offer $4550) ENQUIRE NOW

Long winding roads over hills with wide grassy vistas lead down to the summer beach.
Togs, salty fingers and sandy sandwiches. Twisted Pohutukawa eking out a living from between
rock cracks, invincible to the elements. Tough and scratchy with summer red fireworks exploding from each tip heralding a long hot summer.


Kirsty Nixon nz landscape art, Hahei
Blue Sky Days Hahei Acrylic on Linen
Size 123cm x 71cm $5500 (Special limited time offer $4550) ENQUIRE NOW

Friends with baches, boats and swimming pools are great friends to have. We have spent a couple
of great family breaks at Hahei. We played Jenga at night, beers at lunchtime and had family walks in the afternoon. There’s a great tree swing at the northern end of the beach and I have some
special photos of the kids flying on the swing against the brilliant blue sky. Our family have really stupid nicknames for each other and the last time we visited Hahei we walked the length of the beach teasing each other and drawing each other's names in the sand. That same holiday we
fished off the jetty at Whitianga and watched as Ben proudly caught his first little fish!


Kirsty Nixon nz landscape artist, acrylic paintings, manuka coromandel
Manuka on the Hill Acrylic on Canvas
Size 102cm x 76cm $3750 (Special limited time offer $2500) ENQUIRE NOW

Kirsty Nixon New Zealand Contemporary Landscape artist


art by the sea facebook page
The Promenade, 162 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna, Auckland, New Zealand
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