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Anna Korver New Zealand Stone, Wood and Bronze Sculptor

anna korver nz stone and bronze sculptor

Anna Korver is an established New Zealand artist with a BFA in sculpture from the University of Canterbury. Korver works nationally and internationally, exhibiting, attending symposiums and completing commissions. Korver's new works continue themes of the female form and identity.
Her works are autobiographical and use the female figure to communicate her experiences.
These abstracted and minimilised forms conceal complex ideas about feminine roles and the projection of the inner self thru the outer form. New developments in her work include the mixing of different materials such as cast glass, wood and bronze, in part influenced by the installation process. Anna enjoys this as a statement of human involvement with the environment:
"...the figure represents myself in varying states of tension and emotion but the new elements are recognising the structure, the strength and with that the weakness of the communities we are connected to."
Other developments in her works include a more masculine nature, developing elements of balance, symmetry and strength. Anna works in wood, bronze, marble and other hard stone as well as cast glass. Anna was a trustee on the board of Eco Artists New Zealand, a charitable trust that uses funds from the sales of art to help environmental projects, specifically focusing on native New Zealand species and their ecosystems.

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Click here to see Anna's latest exhibition 'The Light House' February 2021

Anna Korver nz sculptor, red dress, steel   Anna Korver nz sculptor, dress figure
New 2020 "Red Dress on Staircase"
Steel on Corten Steel Staircase
Size: 160cm tall x 40cm x 40cm $6500 ENQUIRE NOW
White staircase dress figure
Materials: Kauri, enamel paint render,corten steel base
Size: 104cm tall Price: $6000 ENQUIRE NOW Sold

Anna Korver nz stone sculptor, resting place, basalt
New 2020 "Resting Place "
Size: Vessel/boat 50cm tall x 92cm in length ENQUIRE NOW
Anna Korver nz marble, basalt sculptor
"Landscape Vessel"
Raglan Basalt
Size: 74cm length x 35cm width x 15cm height ENQUIRE NOW
Anna Korver nz stone and marble sculptor, lifeboat
"Lifeboat 2" A vessel for wayward sea creatures
Basalt marble on Corten Steel Base
Size: 62cm length x 23cm width ENQUIRE NOW Sold

Anna Korver nz marble sculptor
  Anna Korver nz stone sculptor, alabaster, dress figure
Black Italian Marble on Granite Base
Size: 29cm tall ENQUIRE NOW
New 2020 "Moonlight Staircase Dress Figure "
Carrara Marble, Granite Base
Size: 70cm tall x 31cm in length ENQUIRE NOW

Anna Korver nz sculptor, poplar figures  
Anna Korver nz wood sculptor, totara figure
Anna Korver nz stone and wood sculptor, serpentine dress figure
"Female figures"
Japanese Black Poplar
Size: 240cm tall ENQUIRE NOW
(Sold one on left)
"Totara Figure "
NZ Totara Wood plus gold filler
Size: 171cm tall ENQUIRE NOW
"Serpentine Dress Figure"
NZ Serpentine, Corten Steel Base
Size: 83cm tall ENQUIRE NOW

anna forver bronze figure door handles   anna korver nz sculptor, steel, stone, dress forms
NEW! Made to order Contemporary female figure door handles
(Pictured bronze version 70cm tall)
Can be cast in most metals and/or glass or carved in wood ENQUIRE NOW

Anna Korver nz sculpture, andesite, dress   Anna Korver nz stone sculptor, andesite, dress   Anna Korver nz stone sculptor, dresses
"Staircase Dress 3"
Size: 30cm tall
"Staircase Dress 1"
Taranaki Andesite
Size: 28cm tall
Taranaki Andesite
Size: 30cm tall

anna korver nz wood and stone sculpture
anna korver nz wood sculptures
anna korver nz wood sculptures, female figure
anna korver nz sculptor
Anna Korver nz marble and hard stone sculptor
"Gold Leaf Wall Figure"
Australasian Hardwood
Size: 95cm x 15cm
Price: $1500

"Female Form Profiles in Wood"
(left to right) Kauri, Willow, Spruce
Size: (l to r)105cm,128cm,77cm tall ENQUIRE NOW
  "Wall Figure"
Jarah Wood
Size: 114cm tall
  "Wings and Tails 1"
Granite Wall Piece
Size: 120cm tall x 10cm wide
"Marble Pod"
Italian Marble
Size: 89cm tall x 22cm wide

anna korver nz sculptor
Bronze Dress Series Bronze, Granite base Size: 25.5cm tall $2850 each ENQUIRE NOW 2 sold
Anna Korver nz stone sculptor, white marble
"Blade" Takaka White Marble on Granite Base Size: 87cm x 31cm Price: $2500 ENQUIRE NOW

anna korver nz sculptor anna korver nz wood sculptures   anna korver puriri sculptures
Installation shown of Ladyhook Arch in entranceway
of modern contemporary home on Auckland's north shore. The piece is hung suspended from the ceiling
3 metres high.
Installation by Art by the Sea gallery.
"Ladyhook Arch "
Swamp Matai, twine
Size: 220cm x 20cm x 55cm
Price: $9500 ENQUIRE NOW Sold
  "Puriri Figures "
Puriri on Steel Stand
Size: 236cm tall and 260cm tall
Price: $7000 each ENQUIRE NOW Sold

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Anna Korver NZ sculptor
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