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"Representation of people is central to my work.Their faces, gestures, clothing and possessions all have a story to tell revealing aspects of the person within the shell. To freeze and transfer a moment. To capture a persons life. To give a visual representation is not a summary and definitely not all there is to that person and it is not possible to read an individuals life in one image because we are made up of layers and we are complicated. I'm searching for the blueprint, the mark of the maker, the beginning of what we become."
Jayne Thomas NZ Figurative artist from Kaipara
Born in the UK but immigrated with her parents to New Zealand. Settled in Henderson however Jayne now resides in Helensville. Formal training consists of one year partime painting at Hungry Creek Art and Craft School and then full time at Manukau/Rutherford doing a certificate in "Visual Arts". Jayne works mainly in oils and bright encaustic wax and the subject matter is generally about humanity/people looking at anonymity and what creates it. Her works are collected for their vibrant colour and striking presentation. She has work in the UK, Europe and the USA as well as nationally. Jayne has since taught art at a Get Creatives Suburban Titirangi program and this year is furthering her practice whilst continuing study.
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jayne thomas nz fine art oil and encaustic paintings
A Sea of Legs Oils and Encaustic Size: 90cm diameter Price: $1650 Enquire Now ENQUIRE NOW
Jayne Thomas nz figurative artist,
Tumanako (Hope) Oil and Encaustic 153cm x 102cm ENQUIRE NOW Sold

jayne thomas nz figurative artist, encaustic paint
jayne thomas nz figurative artist, encaustic paintings of people
NEW The Birth of Venus Oil and Encaustic 160cm x 105cm
Price: $3500
New 2016 A look back Oil and Inks 100cm x 100cm
Price: $2500 ENQUIRE NOW

jayne thomas nz contemporary figurative artist  
Jayne Thomas nz figurative painter, ballerinas

I am what I am Oil and Encaustic 120cm x 120cm $2750 ENQUIRE NOW

New 2011 Night Solace Oil and Encaustic 76cm x 76cm $1950
Jayne Thomas nz figurative painter
jayne thomas nz figurative artist, encaustic
Little Dancer (after Degas) Oil and Encaustic 152cm x 91cm $2500 sold
Wahine Finding the Fish Encaustic on Canvas 76cm x 76cm $1250 Enquire Now
Jayne Thomas NZ portrait artist
jayne thomas nz encaustic figurative artist
Angel Boy Oil and Encaustic 80cm x 80cm $1950 sold
  Waiting for the answer Oil and Encaustic 101cm diameter ENQUIRE NOW

See Jayne's last exhibition here


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